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8 kinds of Basic knowledge of underwear, do you know a few?

In other words, underwear is the same as outerwear, it is clothes for girls, not to mention, underwear is closer to the skin, so it is really important to know it, understand it, wear it!

Don't think that underwear is just used to cover or beautify the curve. Its most important function is to support and protect the breast. However, according to the survey, most girls simply don't know that they wear the wrong underwear, even before I have been trained. The same is true, look at how serious this is!

Not wearing underwear, it is difficult to find underwear that makes you satisfied, and the price of a piece of underwear is not cheap! But the bra is not worn well, it is likely to cause the expansion, drooping and mistress to run out. I have sorted out the most common questions that 8 girls have about underwear, and asked the experts to answer them. I suggest you cover the answer first and try it. Answer and see, you can know your basic knowledge of underwear, know how much!

bra set

Q1: I always feel uncomfortable wearing underwear?

That's right! this is normal. The main function of bras is to support and protect the breast, so you must stick to your body. In general, the ideal tightness is preferably between the back and the bra with a width of no more than two fingers.

Q2: How to store underwear in the end is correct?

Fasten the back of the underwear and fold it one by one into the cabinet. If you don't do this, it is easy to cause underwear deformation! In addition, please prepare a special space for your good friends, and avoid putting them together with other clothes to avoid pulling.

Q3: At least the underwear should be replaced by a few pieces?

At least 3 or more must be prepared! Try to think about it, how many times can the same underwear be worn in a week? The same is true for bras.

Q4: How long does it take for underwear to change to a new generation?

It will take about 3~6 months to replace! Because the underwear is mostly cotton, it will loose when worn for a long time. When the underwear shoulder strap is elastic and slack, the yellowing is not changed, so that the underwear can not support the covering, causing the chest to expand and hang down!

Q5: When wearing underwear, why is the cup empty?

Baby, you wear the wrong underwear! If you find that the cup can't fit the chest when you wear underwear, it means you may pick the wrong underwear! Please re-measure your bust and cup size and choose the underwear that suits your chest!

Q6: Is the correct way to clean underwear?

That's right, just wash it by hand! The underwear not only has a steel ring, but also has a three-dimensional shape. Don't just throw it into the washing machine casually! If you are really too lazy to wash by hand, remember to put the underwear into a protective laundry bag or a special underwear laundry ball before you can throw it into the washing machine for cleaning!

Q7: Why do I wear A home 32C, wear B but shrink into 32B?

The size of the underwear will vary depending on the brand style, the thickness of the cup, the design of the rim, and the physiological factors. Therefore, it is recommended to re-measure the bust every time you buy underwear, and then select and try on it!

seamless bra

Q8: Can you wear underwear when you sleep?

In fact, you can still wear underwear when you sleep! However, the chest also needs to relax at the right time, like at home, it will liberate the chest, not wearing underwear! If you feel that you don't wear underwear, you don't feel safe. It is recommended to choose one-piece cotton rimless underwear, so it will not affect the sleep quality because of the back buckle! In addition, if you belong to a big breasted girl, I feel that if you don't wear underwear, you will let your chest go to the mountain. In addition to no steel rim underwear, you can also choose a sleepy underwear. The material is soft and compliant, and it will not be as strong as the general out-of-wear underwear. Remember And occasionally let your breasts liberate!

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