Are you learn about plus size bra?

If you're a beautiful, big breast woman, or you're simply amply endowed, finding the best plus size bras can be a challenge. Even though big breasts are envy by many, we know from experience, that a big bosom makes a lot of things a whole lot tougher.

1. Unprofessional and design comfort is greatly compromised

Because few market designed according to the characteristics of the plump female bodies, bra, the vast majority of large size bra "of the" fake by small cup type simple magnification, many defects existing in the design, such as cup chest, coated, steel ring retainer force is not ideal, lead to squeeze chest explosive breast or nipple, breasts even deformation.

question about big breast


2. The old-fashioned and anachronistic modelling "plump" also inferiority

There are a lot of beautiful and stylish bras in the stores, but few sell anything above the C cup. The color is onefold, the modelling appears to become one of plump female few choice.

Having a full upper body should be a source of pride, but feeling inferior because you have to wear an outdated bra.


In fact, we divide the large size underwear into three categories: mould cup plus size bra, soft cup large size bra, sewing cup big size bra. If you want to know more about big bra, you can click to our plus size bra categories.

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