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Casland padless cotton bras for business for women

Casland padless cotton bras for business for women

Casland padless cotton bras for business for women

Model Number
Plus size bra fit
Polyamide, Spandex
100 pcs
Place of origin
Foshan Guangdong China
Delivery Time
About 16 to 40 days.
T/T or Western Union. Advance 30% Deposit, Balance Paid Before Ship
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Product Description

Opening the door to fashion for busty women

Designed for the full body and chest shape of a busty woman, combined with ergonomic principles

Professional large size underwear that combines comfort and comfort, combined with full body and professional care

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Product Parameters

Model Number



Plus size bra fit


Polyamide, Spandex



Hook and eye


Bra Cup

3/4 cup




100 pcs

Place of origin

Foshan Guangdong China




Poly Bag and Carton and accept customized package

Delivery Time

 About 16 to 40 days.


T/T or Western Union,Advance 30% Deposit, Balance Paid Before Ship


FedEx, TNT, DHL, UPS and other



Product Details
Casland padless cotton bras for business for women-3

Stereotyped mold cup,ultra-thin and even, comfortable

Stereo-shaped mold cup, ultra-thin and even coaster, will not cause any pressure on the breast tissue, behind the upper body. It is only comfortable and comfortable, and it can also prevent bumps and prevent embarrassing scenes.

Casland padless cotton bras for business for women-4
No gathering,natural support, comfortable and stylish
Classic style design, tight elastic steel ring, natural support for the breast, high centre front, better fixing the chest, effectively reducing the shaking of the chest.

Casland padless cotton bras for business for women-5

Exquisite and firm turner,inheriting classic style

The sewing is smooth, the workmanship is fine, the same shape, under our fine workmanship, it is more delicate and firm, ensuring the durability of everyday wear.

Casland padless cotton bras for business for women-6
Two-piece splicing cotton cup

It is the feeling of being more comfortable and docile without relying on the closeness of the fabric.The cup part of this product is made of two-piece splicing, and the non-elastic cup design creates a rounded chest shape.

Production Video

I have been looking for a comfortable binder, that will keep my 42D puppies under control and smaller, for years. Everything made things look either like a uni-boob or was so tight around and over the shoulders that it was unbearable. This allows me to move things around under arms and spread them out enougother bras in a 38D to a 42D, and the 42D in this binder is perfect. I will be ordering more and making this my go to bra. There is no movement during exercise.
I bought this for my daughter as part of a costume. She was cosplaying as a male character but she's a bit top-heavy, so she needed some assistance with the costume. She says it is effective without feeling constrictive or painful. I guess I couldn't ask for much more than that. As long as it accomplished the objective and didn't feel like a medieval torture device, it was worth the money spent.
This runs small. If you fluctuate between a 36 - 38 be prepared to get a Large. When I received the right size for me to fit in it works great. I have had it for a few months and it's still working great as my main support.
I wear a 36C and got the 36BCD and it's rather constricting but I guess that's the point lol. I suppose it will stretch out like my bras have when worn repeatedly. My boobs keep wanting to move together in the front but looks better when they are apart, not sure how to fix this other than readjusting after any physical activity.
This bra certainly does it's job if you want to look smaller breasted. Kind of hard to put on, but this is to be expected considering its purpose.You might want to buy a size up. I wish I did.
I am a heavily endowed woman who enjoys physical activity. I've recently gotten into running, and when you're running and heavily endowed, you need something that's going to clamp things down and keep them out of the way. Running is hard enough already, the last thing you need is to give yourself black eyes while you're doing it. I had my doubts at first, I admit; I bought my first Underworks bra for ashtanga yoga, and it worked great there, but running is a whole different thing. Let me tell you, the bra holds up. It mashes everything down until you look like a twelve year old, but when I'm running, I'm gross and sweaty and red anyway, and couldn't care less if I'm pretty and voluptuous. Your boobs will not move, they will not hurt afterwards, and it actually felt like it took some of the stress off my shoulders (DDs are not good for your upper back health, pro tip). The bra can be a little difficult to get into and out of, because it has so much elastic in it. A little struggling at the beginning and end of your workout is worth it, though, to have everything be comfortable and in place. They also wear well; I bought one two years ago, and while it doesn't QUITE have the strength to it for running anymore, it's still fine for yoga and other less strenuous activities. I have four of these bras now, including the older one, and I can't imagine buying any other brand.
Being that I'm a trans-agender individual, I suffer from major dysphoria (I was unfortunately given a 38D chest, lucky me) and needed relief. The binder is relatively good as far as binders go. It does give you a uniboob, though, so do be wary of that. The binder is also extremely difficult to put (I went with a size up from my usual size just to be on the safe side), and after multiple washes, it does shrink. If you can only purchase a binder from amazon, then this is the way to go. If you have options, I'd go to, as they're actually a transitional apparel company which does get you flatter.
I went for the same band size of my bra and it's too tight for comfortable lounging around the house, but does ok when I'm up and moving around more. Not quite enough space for my boobs, but I am a larger cup size and that is almost expected with any bra.
This fit is way off on the product. Order up at least one to two sizes
I have been using this product for many years now and absolutely love it!! It’s a major masher so it gives a very smooth profile.
I like it. Just don't like that your breasts come out of the sides.
Also not very comfortable
Love this binder! I am a 36 DDD so I was concerned when that the cup size was for BCD so I ordered a 38 and it fits perfectly!
I love it! Being plus size with an overtly (((Humongous))) bust 42DDD I found this bra to be perfect. It's worth the price! I want to purchase two next time! One thing is that it's a bit loose under the arms... And I find myself adjusting it more now that I've had it for about 4 months because it gets looser over time. But I just pop it in the washer and dryer and it tightens back up. I also like to wear it with a regular bra when I'm going out. It's got excellent back support which is much needed!
I wish I had ordered up 1 size.
Definitely would not recommend wearing this for long periods of time, but other than that this is amazing as a binder.
Perfect fit, make sure you get your bra size because I ordered a smaller size before and it was too small, but the size I got this time is perfect and it hold these D's perfect.
binds pretty well! i am a 45C and it can get me down to a B or A. Very good quality material and i can expect it to last for a while. I cant imagine working out in it because it is quite binding, but i haven't tried so i cant be 100% sure if others would have a problem. if you're a trans guy I definitely suggest this for first binder as it is pretty comfortable. no problems and im very happy!
My transgender daughter/son enjoys it. He says it fits perfectly.
I'm a cis woman who ordered this bra to minimize my breasts in order to fit into button-down shirts and the like. If you're looking for a true binder, this is NOT for you. Underworks's website markets this as a bra for people who want to minimize or use this as a sports bra. I'm a broad-shouldered 34DDD, so I was unsure of which size to order. After reading a few reviews I decided to order the 36, and it fits great! I can fit into button downs much more easily. The band is not tight at all, and my breasts are minimized without being totally smashed. The only bit that is a little uncomfortable are the armholes; they dig into my armpits slightly, but that's the price to pay for minimization. For that reason I will probably not wear this bra daily; just for special occasions or exercise. They might get looser with use, though.There is uniboob; there's no way of avoiding it. However, I don't think it's terribly noticeable with my breasts so compressed.
I just tried it on and I'm very happy that I chose this product. I picked the 32 size, but I think I should have taken the 34. I am measured to be 32, but I struggled for a couple of minutes to get it on. When I did get it on, it really compacted everything, looked great, and felt comfortable.
Great sports bra. Just fits very small.
I've only had mine for a few days, but it's already surpassed 'regular' binders across the board--I've tried every style of binder on the market and nothing has entirely worked for me before now. Here are some of its most admirable qualities: -soft and comfy, instead of the scratchy mesh stuff most binders are made of -comfortable straps that don't cut into your shoulders (doesn't cut in under the arms, either!) -thick band at the bottom keeps it from rolling or riding up, even during vigorous exercise or very bendy yoga -the way the front is constructed helps eliminate the uniboob effect that can sometimes happen with larger chests (for reference, I'm a 42D) -the neckline makes it look like a regular tank under whatever shirt you have on top of it -no shortness of breath or feeling like you're being smothered! -the material actually breathes, so you don't have that gross end-of-the-day binder funk when you take it off -after the first couple of times it's incredibly easy to get on, whereas traditional binders sometimes take weeks to loosen up enough to pull on after a shower without accidentally strangling yourself -I don't have this issue, but for people who live with relatives or other folks who might ask awkward questions, if anyone happens to find it this binder honestly just looks like a regular sports bra -the band is actually supportive while you're bound--if you've got weight on your chest it's MUCH comfier to have a sort of 'shelf' there rather than just pulling the weight down and holding it in place with the tension of the fabric -that same detail also helps you not bind 'too far' so that your posture is compromised by all that downward pulling--you can sit up straight and not feel pressure on your shoulders! Time will tell whether this binder holds up well after daily wear and frequent washing, but so far I'm incredibly pleased with it and plan to get several more when I can afford to. I'll leave updated reviews once I know more about how it works after continuous use.
I’m not ftm transitioning or anything but I have always hated my chest and never felt comfortable with its size (36DD). I love love love this bra. It makes me look smaller than any sports bra ever has. Unlike my sports bras it’s not bulky, and the straps aren’t too wide or crazy thick. Like this doesn’t show under a t-shirt at all. It also doesn’t make weird rolls around my rib cage. I look like I lost 20 pounds and I feel more like myself than I honestly ever have. If you’re here looking at this product, do yourself a favor and try it.
It didn't flatten my chest as much as I'd hoped, but it definitely gets the job done and is very comfortable.
It did exactly what I wanted it to do. Very happy.
I have dd and this is honestly fantasic for my first binding bra!
My teenage child, who wears a 34 DDD has been wearing this support as a binder for several years. She orders a size Medium. While it doesn't completely flatten the chest it is very close. It allows good body movement and circulation. It also allows unrestricted breathing. We launder in the washing machine and air dry. I would strongly recommend this support for any sport or binding system. It is much better than products that are much more expensive.
Received this bra/binder today and tried it on. First thoughts, it's a soft, cotton material, softer than spandex. So, a bit of background: I got this not for f2m purposes, but instead just because I like the 'tomboy' look. I'm bigger chested, 34DD, which means 38in across the breasts. I personally just like to dress more androgynous than feminine and have always hated my big chest. for this reason i tend to wear sports bras, I'm AD military, security before that, plus like i said i like a flatter chest. I wanted a bra that would minimize my chest better than the sports bras, but still allow me to work out, etc. Personally: Love it love it love it!! For f2m: Gentlemen, so far as completely flattening goes, this thing does the job better than the name would imply. As i said above, (hopefully can upload pics to illustrate) i'm pretty big chested. with this on, yes you can still see a bulge, but it looks more like pecs than breasts, even at my chest size. a smaller chested guy it would do even better. that said, it is more bra-like than it is binder like, I haven't tried on an actual binder, those may do a bit better though i can't imagine how. aIt is REALLY comfortable. no, seriously, when i put it on, it did not constrict at all. I had no trouble breathing, and it did not push on my ribs or anything. I dropped and busted out 20 pushups and sit ups, no painful breathing nothing (I would have done more but didn't want to work up a sweat before bed, lol). It was not painful under the breath or on the shoulders. I plan on wearing it all day on a day off then i'll know more long term. If you're considering a tighter alternative to a sports bra to break up wearing binders, this is it! If you want a break from binding, but still want to minimize dysphoria this is the answer. If your family/parents are not so keen/don't know about your transition (or if you're just trying things out and don't want to make an official announcement) this is also great. it comes in a plastic bag, has 'minimizing binding bra' or such in small lettering. so it looks like a sports bra and can be passed off as such. For Sports purposes: Ladies this thing is comfy. it doesn't feel like or look like it when you first try to put the thing on (more on that later) but it is comfortable. As i said above, i dropped and did twenty pushups, and it felt SO much better than in my regular sports bras. Sit ups same thing. I imagine running will be great as well, will wear it to PT day after tomorrow and post an update then. the material is soft, and it does not constrict breathing or anything. Getting on: That was tricky. it does have to be put on like a binder, for those who don't know, that's inside out, upside down, stepping into it. then working it on up your body. this is sightly awkward, a lot of tugging, rolling and messing and contortion, at least for me i have wide hips. All in all it was probably only a couple of min tops, but at first trust me, it does feel like it won't fit! Don't be tempted to try it over the head and nearly strangle yourself like i did. It doesn't work just do it inside out, upside down, and pull it and pull and pull and it'll fit. Get it off the same way, going down rolling. Fit: I measured under bust, e.g. under the breasts around the rib cage, and that measurement was accurate. Photos. the first two are of me in this bra/binder. the second two are of me in a VS sports bra. As you can see, the difference is considerable. As I am large chested, yes, you can still see breasts and if you're really looking you might not mistake them for pecs, but in a t-shirt or sweatshirt, it's pretty minimal. I'll post an update after i try wearing it all day. But so far I plan on getting a few more, I like it so much!
I am FTM and am between a 34D-DD. This gets me almost flat, it looks like i have pecs. The only problem is under the boobs there is a noticable shelf appearance in more clingy shirts. However it fits great, its soft and comfortable. So much more comfortable than the underworks 997, which get me flat but also binds my stomach and hurts my back. Even though this one doesnt flatten completely, it's a great second binder or to workout in. There's little to no bounce and they pretty much stay in place, very little having to readjust. This is the first day i had it and i wore it to work, I am a patient care tech and theres a lot of moving and reaching involved. I havent had to readjust at all and im just over halfway through the shift. It doesnt ride up when i stretch or bend over and the boobs dont fall out of the bottom either. For a smaller chested person I can see this getting them completely flat but anyone with a D or bigger you wont be all the way flat, but so far no one has misgendered me or stared too hard at my chest trying to figure out if theres boobs there.(ive had that happen with my other binder because of the lines the boobs make when squished.) Would definitely recommend this to any ftm with a D or smaller chest
Comfortable binder....I think used as a sports bra might be to small. My grandson wore a 34 a and it really flattens his as a sports bra with a b or c cup it would be more binding than bra control. The comfort is unsurpassed, I purchased some from another seller, not underworks, and am sending them back because they are rough on the inside and very uncomfortable, and wearing one for binding you want as much comfort as you can get. I went back to underworks and bought 3 binding tanks, because of their quality. Buy with confidence...This is a great item.
It's taken me a few months to get around to writing this, but better now than never. It's a very good quality bra/binder, much better than the first one I ever bought that damaged my ribs. However, even after following the sizing chart, it still didn't fit. I put it on, and it was alright until I adjusted my breasts to a better position. The bra was constricting, but the elastic band around the ribs was far too large. I've washed it multiple times since then, and gained a small bit of weight (none in the chest though). I've vigorously stretched it out before putting it on, but still no dice. It's really good quality, but the sizing is way off.
Definitely buy a size or two larger than it says! It tells you to buy based on your underbust/rib cage measurement (ex. mine is 34 inches) and it will be way way way too small (I needed help getting it off and returned it immediately!) Definitely buy the size larger than your band size (I'm a 36D and I bought a 38BCD, fits perfectly). Once you have the right size it's very comfortable and great as a starter binder or those who are used to binding! It gives you a little bit of "uni-boob," but it compresses well without constricting you and breathing is easy! It is great as a sports bra too if you want everything held in place.
continue to rebuy as needed because it works so well.
I ordered this with the same sizes I would use for my bra. It was wayyyyy too small. I couldn't even get it on my body. I would recommend getting sizes much larger than your current bra size.
This sports bra is a great alternative to binding every day. Although it doesn't bind quite as tightly as the underworks binders, it's made of a much more comfortable material that doesn't chafe the skin. As my ribs were in quite a lot of pain from the underworks binder, this provided me much needed relief on my chest and back area, while still binding much better than a regular sports bra. It can also be worn working out, so there's no dysphoria while exercising! My partner also got one, and he's much larger in the chest area than I am - I'm a 32 B whereas he's a 36 E - both of us found that the binder works for rest days from the tighter binders and for working out in. A replacement for the famous 'Frog Bra' I reckon! As it's a sports bra, we both reckon that I size smaller than the size guide recommends would be better. However, we're still happy with the ones we've got but we'll defo get a smaller size next time
This binder worked miracles, when it was new. I am/was a 36B, so I bought a 36BCD b/c I work out so much, my back got wider and I was positive that a 36 was no longer my bra size. Initially, it was REALLY snug and hard to get on and off. I expected this and was happy at the results it gave me. However, two months later and I'm needing a new one already. I heard that these have about a 6 month shelf life, so it was disappointing to know that this thing has died after 2 months of usage. It now fits like a regular sports bra and as a transman, this is unacceptable. I really hate that this costs $40, but given that it's summer - this is the coolest way to bind. The tank top binders are good for fall and winter, but smother me during these summer months. I don't understand how this binder loosened so quickly, I hand wash it and lay it flat to dry. Unfortunately, Underworks has the most reputable products out there for binding. I just wish their products cost a little less. Trans guys spend enough as it is for all of our medical needs.
Works as advertised, OK comfort, should have order next size up
It's a lot more comfortable that other binders that I've tried. The material is softer and not itchy and definitely less restricting. I'm a 36/38C in regular bras and it works incredibly well for me.
yo simple solutions! Thanks for making my huge boobs look like small c's #icanfinallybreathe #mychesthasliftedlitertally #thankgodforsimplesoultions
It's great! My daughter loves it.
I love this binder. It's great for every day use or working out.
This product is exactly as it describes. Much better fit then anything else ever purchased. Does not rise or stretch. Lovin' this item.
Fantastic, at last someone who understands support and i love you guys at Underworks .
I probably should have gotten a 34, but I went for 32 to get more compression, and it worked out. It's a titch tight and on the first day my ribs were not so happy, but either the elastic loosened a bit or my ribs adjusted... hope it was the elastic! I think it gets me as flat as I'm gonna go, but I'm not sure because it's only the second one I've tried.
I love this binder. It's not as embarrassing because it can pass as a big sportsbra and the elastic bottom is nice to keep everything in place. I have a regular binder too but i never wear it anymore because i love this one so much. I'm not transitioning or anything, just prefer a smaller chest so this is perfect for me. flattens incredibly well without the uncomfortable feeling some binders have.
great but keep in mind to take a little bit bigger than you usualy wear
I fell in love with Title9's tragically discontinued "frog bra" about eight years ago, and I've been desperate to find a comparable product ever since. I've tried all kinds of sports bras, but most try to provide support while enhancing the girls. I prefer compression bras that pretty much remove the girls from the equation completely, and this is probably as close and you can get without discomfort - I ordered my actual size and it's a nice tight fit, but not "I-can't-breathe" tight. If you're going for a truly boyish look under clothes, might want to size down, but even wearing my actual size, my chest is almost flat. Under a thin t-shirt I look like a gal in a sports bra; under an oxford shirt, I'd look pretty flat-chested.
This is great. I've had it for almost a month; at first I was hesitant to wear it, but now i wear it most days. I'm a 32DD so I ordered a 36C with good results. Pros: -Minimizes chest well; with the right clothing I look pretty flat, which is quite a feat! -Breathable fabric -Double layer sturdy fabric -Doesn't restrict breathing -Good for daily wear but also incredibly comfortable for running -Wideset straps aren't visible under shirts with wider necklines As for the cons -Stretchy fabric won't bind you completely flat -Curved seam below chest can be visible through certain clothes if the binder isn't adjusted right -Neckline might also be visible through certain clothes; when I cross my arms or roll my shoulders forward the fabric bows outwards a little at the neck. -Cotton fabric will cling to cotton shirts -Neckline is high enough to be visible under some v-necks -I would have liked for the whole thing to be a little bit longer; an extra inch of fabric would have been nice for my ample chest.
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