Export destinations of Caslands
As Caslands gets more and more popular, most comfortable padded bra has been sold to more foreign countries. The products produced by the company are of high quality and enjoy great reliability, which attract customers not only domestically but also internationally. Thanks to the effort of our staff, the popularity of our company has been expanding in the overseas market, which is beneficial to the increasing sales of the product.

Foshan casland garments co., LTD. is professional in producing , including . The best-selling series of is shown as the following. Foshan casland garments co., LTD. supplies all series of those products and also manufacture products to customers' special requirement specifications. Seamless Bra can support breast without steel support, maintaining the breast a natural rounded shape. Before delivery, customized sample will be sent to customers. . Casland has full manufacturing capabilities such as product design and development, mold manufacturing, and etc.

Foshan casland garments co., LTD.'s focus is on people and the relationships that we build. Welcome to visit our factory!
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