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In order to promote the sustainable development of China's healthy textile industry and promote the coordinated development of healthy textile to provide new opportunities, October 10, 2017 "2017 China Healthy Textile Development Conference" was held in Shanghai.

"Without universal health, there is no comprehensive well-off." The important speech made by the leaders of the state puts the people's health in a strategic position giving priority to development. It describes accelerating the building of a healthy China, striving to ensure people's health in all directions and in the entire cycle. In order to achieve the goal of "two hundred and one hundred years" and achieve the goal of realizing China Magnificent Blueprint for Reviving the Chinese Dream of the Great Nation In this process, industrial integration and interweaving of industrial forms will provide powerful impetus for the development of the health industry in the next 5 to 10 years.

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Qin Xiaoming, chairman of China Health Care Association and He Yanli, vice chairman of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, addressed the conference. Qin Xiaoming said that the country's health strategy has undergone major changes. Taking medical care as the center, it has been transformed into a people-centered health system and a sound health education system has been established. And health awareness into the daily life of inseparable clothing, textiles, and then promote universal health and improve people's quality of life. The deep integration of health and textile will spawn new products, new formats, new platforms and new models. Wear out of health, sleep healthy, with a healthy and healthy textile has a huge market and prospects, is an unlimited number of emerging industries.

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